What We Do

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What We Do

The Jury Bias Model

Jury BiasThe litigation coaches at Winning Works have combined their research, expertise and instincts to offer a comprehensive menu of trial strategy and litigation support services based on the Jury Bias Model™.

The result is Winning Works™ – your firm’s own litigation coaching team.

The filters through which jurors receive and process information are firmly ingrained, shaped by a lifetime of familial, social and political influences.

Based on proven research and methodology, the Jury Bias Model™ provides powerful insights into how jurors are likely to think and feel about the issues raised in your case. It enables you to prepare every facet of your trial story to overcome jurors’ prejudices against your client and take advantage of jurors’ predispositions in your client’s favor.

Winning Works has structured the Jury Bias Model™ into a proven process for giving you the best shot at winning.

Winning Strategies

Winning Works’ systematic approach utilizes a variety of pre-trial research techniques to gather and evaluate data, including focus groups, mock trials, public opinion surveys, metaphor research, juror profiling and structural integration. All are part of the Jury Bias Model™. We are adept at applying “Right Juror” modeling, a rigorous way of assessing prospective jurors’ predispositions scientifically, using survey research, modeling theory and statistical analysis. “Right Juror” modeling helps you select the “Right Jury” for the right case. These tools, and the insights gleaned from their use, are critical to achieving a favorable result.

  • Strategic Trial Consultation
  • Litigation Research: Focus Groups, Mock Trials, Public Opinion Surveys
  • Change of Venue Analysis
  • Jury Selection and Voir Dire
  • “Right Juror” Modeling

  • Witness Evaluation and Preparation
  • Interpretive Exhibits
  • Presentation Preparation
  • Trial Strategy Workshops
  • Media Relations and Training  

Winning Through Public Opinion

Too often, public perceptions about trial lawyers and the civil justice system are based on exaggerated reports in the media about mammoth jury awards, or outrageous lawsuits and the rare instances in which they produce questionable verdicts. The most potent weapons in the trial lawyer’s arsenal to counter such negative publicity are the authentically passionate stories of your own hard-won cases – those that have salvaged the lives of grossly injured families and brought about positive social change.

Each of your cases carries tremendous potential for image enhancement and increased public awareness of the positive effects of the civil justice system. Winning Works™ helps spotlight your case by using print, broadcast and electronic media to showcase how your work has made America a better, safer, more just society.

Winning Works™ offers a full menu of Image and Public Awareness Services to help you call attention to your firm and the societal benefits of your cases. Together, we can offset the propaganda campaign against the legal system and rekindle the public’s high regard for the role of plaintiffs’ lawyers in preserving the basic tenets of the American civil justice system.

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