Jury Research

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Jury Research

What are the most common opinions of the people that make up my jury pool? I need to know:

  • How common?

  • How many?

  • What is the public opinion on?

This process is designed for you to take advantage of our research methodology in aiding you to answer specific questions.  Winning Works is a team of professionals with experience in understanding juries, public opinion, and market analysis.  If you have a specific question that can assist you in your case or campaign, just give us a call and we can provide you specific answers supported by data.

Winning Through Public Opinion

Too often, public perceptions about trial lawyers and the civil justice system are based on inaccurate media portrayals. The most potent weapons in the trial lawyer’s arsenal to counter such negative publicity are your own clients’ stories about how the civil justice system helped to salvage your clients’ lives and brought about positive social change.

Each of your clients’ cases carries potential for image enhancement and increased public awareness of the positive effects of the civil justice system. Winning Works™ can help spotlight your clients’ cases by using print, broadcast and electronic media to showcase how your work has made America a better, safer, more just society.

Winning Works™, in concert with a team of experienced professionals, offers a full menu of Image and Public Awareness Services to help call attention to your firm and the societal benefits of your clients’ cases. Together, we can work to offset the propaganda campaign against the legal system and rekindle the public’s high regard for the role of plaintiffs’ lawyers in preserving the basic tenets of the American civil justice system.

Image and Public Awareness Services Offered by Winning Works:

  • Direct Mail
  • Interactive Media
  • Major Network and National News Coverage
  • Media Planning and Placement

  • Media Training
  • Press Conferences
  • Press Releases
  • Print

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Web sites (firm, cases, causes)
  • Social Networking


Winning Works’ help was critical to me in a commercial case against a Fortune 500 company. In the context of a document that said there was no agreement without a signed and delivered contract, which we didn’t have, we not only won actual but punitive damages as well. I have no doubt that the innovative approach devised by the WW team was instrumental in our success.

Kenneth Suggs, Med Law Legal Team

Our firm was recently involved in an Auto-Defect case against Ford Motor Company that resulted in a wonderful verdict.  Our success was due in large part to the focus groups, case theme development, and jury selection analysis provided by Winning Works.  Through the focus group work we were able to develop a trial story that resonated with our jury.  Winning Works’ help with jury questionnaires and jury selection was key to our identifying not only those jurors receptive to our issues, and to exposing those who would never support a plaintiff’s verdict.  In sum, their help and support was invaluable.

Dan Dell'Osso at the Brandi Law Firm in San Francisco

I first started working with Ed and Winning works in 2006.  My first engagement with them was minor and I had hired Ed and Greg to do some messaging consulting on a tricky comparative issue.  I did not hire them to do focus groups because I was intimidated by the cost.  However, having Greg and Ed help me with the comparative issue really helped my case and I was able to obtain a settlement for $2,900,000 partly because of the work with Ed and Greg.